TAKAYANAGI, Hiroki Nationality: Japan

Snow Resort Reviewer
Founder / Director of TAKASU, Inc.
Founder of SNOWTECH
Founder of SNOWTECH SKI Storage Service
Partner and Tech Driven Management Architect of Guardian Advisors, Inc.
Specially Appointed Associate Professor at RIKKYO “St. Paul’s” University
Special Lecturer at RIKKYO “St.Paul’s” Ikebukuro High School

TAKAYANAGI, Hiroki received B.A. (1999) and M.Phil. (2001) from RIKKYO “St.Paul’s” University in Tokyo.When he was a graduate school student, he studied about the social and economic influence of TCP/IP. During his study, he had great interests about the Internet Business. Then, he founded WEBHUT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. which is the antecedent company of WEBIMPACT, INC. in Sep. 1997 when he was 20 years old. Main business of WEBHUT in the first two years of establishment was web system integration. One of main clients was NTT EAST Corporation. WEBHUT and NTT East developed the web-based bulletin board (in university) system for mobile phone (NTT DoCoMo’s iMode) called “Mobile V-Campus”. WEBHUT researched various ways to use the mobile bulletin board in university and coded the core program. During the third year of operation, WEBHUT developed the own cloud service; JobCommunicator® that focused on JOB SCHEDULING as an SaaS. He developed not only domestic sales channels but also global one. On the other hand, he made the technical alliance with other devise related company and structured the licensing and OEM business of JobCommunicator®. In Dec. 2004, he raised capital through common stock issuance from two strategic partner companies; OBIC Business Consultants Co. Ltd. who are listing on TSE. and NEO Japan, Inc. who are also listing on TSE. Both of strategic partners have the biggest share of their software space in Japan.

In Feb. 2006, WEBHUT COMMUNICATIONS, INC. and Cyber Space Japan, INC. who is one of the famous and traditional venture companies in Japan, merged in an equal merger to establish a new merged company “WEBIMPACT, INC.” He became the president and CEO and a largest share holder of WEBIMPACT.
After that, he raised capital through common stock issuance from Impress Holdings, Inc. who are listing on TSE. This company is one of the biggest pubulisher for IT media in Japan. It has many subsidiaries over 20 related to various publishing company.
He is also interested in the business collaboration between BUSINESS and ACADEMIA, and he sometimes shares his opinion regarding such areas in medias and lectures. In April of 2002, he was invited to the committee for House of Representative as an entrepreneur in 154th Diet with Mr. TASAKA, Hiroshi, president of SOPHIA BANK, and Prof. YONEKURA, Seiichiro of HITOTSUBASHI University. He has been a lecturer of MBA program at RIKKYO University since 2002, and he was also a visiting researcher at Creating Center of Business Creators in RIKKYO University. On the other hands, he had been researcher of the Institute of Media Communications at KEIO University. His lecture courses include “Start-Up Strategy”, “Media Technology”, “Information Industry” and “Business Presentation Skill” among other topics and other universities. He became Specially Appointed Associate Professor of MBA program at Rikkyo Univ. He served as one of the judges for the International Business Contests for Students OVAL at Tokyo and AI & BIGDATA HACKATHON at Kuala Lumpur etc. In 2007, he became council of Tokyo Metropolitan government about business development and he also became the member of investment committee of the Itao Research Institute, Ltd. He is the Japan representative of EDUCOLOGY Consulting, Selection Committee of TKG association and Director of Net Literacy aptitude testing organization.

He belongs to The Japan Academic Society of Information and Communication Research, Public Policy Studies Association, The Japan Academic Society for Ventures and Entrepreneurs and Business Model Association, The Japan Academic Society of Mass-Communications, among other industry based societies.

You can read his last publication in English at Amazon.